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In addition to our standard Air, Land and Ocean transportation services we can provide additional specialist support for our clients including:

Specialists in Goods Transportation for the Oil and related Industries Sector;

Kalzac, over the years has become a major partner to companies working in the Oil and related industries sector. Our experience and expertise in equipment and materials transportation handling in this sector is unrivalled. This enables us to offer a comprehensive service to meet all the equipment transportation needs required by the industry.

This includes heavy and non standard loads, dangerous goods (including explosives for the oil and mining industry) and pipeline conveyance. Kalzac is currently involved in the transportation of the whole range of equipment and materials for the construction and maintenance of the 32 inch crude oil export pipeline from Melut Basin to Port Sudan and the 12 inch Multipurpose export pipeline from the Jaily refinery North of Khartoum to Port Sudan.

Kalzac working with the telecommunication company; Mobitel.

Kalzac is currently engaged by the telecommunication company Mobitel to carry out a number of projects on its behalf including; logistics; distribution of telecoms network equipment from Mobitel's warehousing in Khartoum to all corners of the Sudan by air and land including Darfur, the South, the East and far North. Since September 2006 Kalzac has safely moved over 2000 tons of goods on behalf of Mobitel including; shelters, fences, mono-poles, 80 metre high multi-stand towers, roof towers and generator sets.

Other Specialist support offered:

  • Full Customs Clearance and Brokerage Services for all types of cargo including general cargo,diplomatic cargo and other specialist goods.
  • The provision of “Full Turnkey” shipping and freight project handling for Clients.
  • A Global Door to Door service.
  • Delivering high value specialist cargo to on-road as well as remote and off-road sites throughout the Sudan
  • Bulk Oil Shipments, including Lubricants and Fuel.
  • Specialised vehicles for all types of non standard loads including heavy and over-gauge cargo.
  • Handling and transportation of Fragile and Dangerous Goods (including explosives for the oil & mining industry).
  • Full Trace and Tracking information on all freight using the Hellmann Worldwide Logistics system.
  • Quality inspections
  • Cargo Surveys & Marine Surveys
  • Road & Route Surveys.
  • Kalzac's "Standard Operating Procedures" to ensure our customers know in advance what information and paperwork we require from them. Kalzac in turn can provide accurate information as to the exact length of time all customs and clearance procedures will take for their cargo at the port of arrival/departure

Warehousing Services:

Kalzac has over 5000 square metres of its own secure warehousing facilities. Warehousing is available at Khartoum, Port Sudan and Al Qaddarif each providing a secure and clean environment for all types of goods. Our warehousing services are set up and tailored to our customers' specific needs. We also have additional open area secure storage for goods that do not need to be kept unexposed to the elements.